Isabel comes from Gijón, a city located in the north of Spain, but she is currently living in Lisbon, Portugal where she works as an international recruiter. She would describe herself as outgoing, friendly, active, and sometimes a little stubborn. She has a degree in Translation and Interpreting (French and German) which she took in Salamanca. she is currently studying a master’s degree in Air Transport Operations in Lisbon. Spanish is her mother tongue. Apart from that, she speaks Portuguese fluently, and English and French.

After college, she started working as a Cabin Crew for a Spanish company based in Barcelona. Then she decided to move to Portugal to work for a Portuguese airline based in Lisbon as a Cabin Crew. When the pandemic started, she lost her job and had to change her professional career, so she had an experience as a Customer Support Agent for a multinational technology company. She really liked going for a run by the riverside at the end of the day, she does that at least 3 times a week! She also loves going to the beach and dive into the sea whenever she has the chance. She’s been living abroad for almost the last three years, in Lisbon, Portugal. She moved for professional reasons and doesn’t regret her decision at all. Moving here has taught her to get to spend more time on her own and enjoy it. As she worked as a Cabin Crew, she had the chance to travel to many different places. She fell in love with El Tigre in Buenos Aires, which is the delta formed around Paraná River. It is full of holiday homes with their wooden docks and even tiny beaches along the river! During summer it’s great for doing a boat trip and enjoy the warm weather. She’d rather go to the beach alone than with friends.  

She decided to become an international recruiter as she has always liked People Management, but never had the courage to apply to any position related to the field because she did not have any training or experience on it. When she lost her job on 2020, she decided it might be the time to take a new challenge, so finding a Multilingual offer for a Recruiter position was the very first step that she hopes leads her to a path of growth and new experiences!

Favorite location: El Tigre, Buenos Aires