Marcelle is a Talent Hunter in the Danish team at the Malaga office. She has a background in International Business Communication and has previously worked with costumer service, debt collection, and PR & Communications. Additionally, with her empathic way of being, she can communicate efficiently with various stakeholders. 

As a Danish-Persian who lived part of her childhood in Spain, she has a natural interest for culture and migration. This passion was a big part of her aspirations in academia. She finished a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies in 2021, published her research, travelled in the US, and finally moved to Spain in 2022. She loves art in every form and got her inspiration to create herself while living in Valparaíso, Chile. Something she holds close to her heart is her trips to Central and South America, intercontinental friendships, and the ability to help others.

Favorite location: Valparaiso, Chile