Maria is our bilingual Finnish and Russian speaker, who is a part of the Specialist Team at our Oslo office.
She originally comes from the Murmansk area in northwestern Russia, but at the young age of 15, she moved to Finland to pursue her studies abroad. While living in Finland for around 10 years, Maria gained Finnish citizenship, upper secondary education, and a tourism degree. Maria's professional background is in the hospitality and real estate industries where she used to work with customer service and sales.
Maria found out about Nordic Jobs Worldwide while still living in Finland, and was very interested in the way the recruitment world changes people's lives and helps companies in finding the best talents. Helping people and finding solutions, as well as an international work environment, are the drives for Maria - which makes her a perfect fit for our company!

In her free time, Maria likes to spend time with her loved ones, play video games, create new cross-stitching projects and listen to her favorite music.

Favorite locations: Berlin, Saint Petersburg, and Bali Island