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Data and BI

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Data & BI roles at IT Jobs Worldwide covers a wide range of positions where architects, engineers, administrators, developer, analysts and more collaborate to create a data platform that provides a competitive advantage through actionable insights that are discovered from the data.


There is a wide range of technologies, languages, techniques & platforms that are utilized in the marketplace.


The market has continued to grow and evolve, providing a broad range of diversity under each position. For example, a data engineer may be working with a strictly on-prem environment, a big data environment, or be working on the cloud; they could also be either working exclusively with batch processing or with real-time processing. Within all of this, they can be using an extensive range of different tools and programming languages. This is where our specialization comes in handy; we understand the intricacies involved when finding the right fit for both candidate and client.


The most common programming languages used for data include Python, Java, Scala, R, SQL, and PL/SQL. The languages are used for a wide range of tasks such as Machine learning, Engineering data pipelines, Data Science, Data Analytics, and more.