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Candidate Journey

Your recruitment process step by step

Step 1
Talk to a Specialized Recruiter

Our recruiters speak your language! Have a chat with our team to discuss your ambitions, both personal and professional, and they will match you with vacancies well suited to you, your experience, and your future goals.

Step 2
Get Your Application Started

Each recruitment process is different, and our recruiters are experts in advising you on any documents you will need to prepare in order to impress the company. They will then share your profile with the company, explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the role.

Step 3
Interview Time!

Before every interview you have, our recruiters will reach out to give you tried-and-true insight and tips on how to impress the specific company you will be speaking with. By working with our recruiters, you will go into every job interview knowledgeable about the vacancy, well-prepared to explain why you´re a great fit for the job, and ready to make a great impression on the company.

Step 4

​When you have completed the interviews, the company will hopefully make you an offer. Your recruiter will have shared all of the details with you that should be in the offer, but you will get a chance to look it over and make sure everything sounds perfect. And then, if you accept the offer, it will be time to celebrate your new job! Congratulations!

Step 5
Start your new job!

​The last step is relocate to your new home if needed and start your new job!

​If you want to start your journey, just send us a message and we will be in touch!