Jazmín is originally from a coastal city in Argentina and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Technical-Scientific Translation, specializing in English<>Spanish language pairs. Her journey in the Recruitment industry began in 2019 with an eye-opening internship at an IT Consultancy company. It was during this time that she discovered her true passion for connecting people with job vacancies and helping companies find their ideal talents.

Determined to follow her dream of living abroad and close to the sea, she is currently residing in Mallorca, Spain. Working remotely has allowed her to pursue her passion for making the world a more interconnected place: in her role as a recruitment professional, she skillfully connects talents with opportunities; while her love for translation allows her to bridge language gaps and cultural nuances.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jazmín's passion for strategy board games knows no bounds, being renowned as a formidable player among her friends.

Favorite destination: Koh Lipe, Thailand